Rollin’ Detroit Films is Back in the 2022 48 Hour Film Project

On July 29, 2022, the Detroit division of the nationwide 48 Hour Film Project will hold opening ceremonies in Pontiac, Michigan. During that ceremony, each registered team leader will draw two Genre Assignments out of a hat (the container varies from year to year. Once it was a wooden shoe.)

Each team MUST use ONE (or both) of the randomly assigned genres, which could be as diverse as Comedy, Horror, Buddy Movie, Romance, Musical, Science Fiction, or any of about 25 others. The team then starts writing the script, which must be ready for filming the next day, Saturday morning, shooting day.

On shooting day, the production crew, actors, directors, make-up artists, etc. all work like crazy to make the movie the writers invented over that sleepless Friday night.

If all goes well, the raw footage is delivered to the Editing team by Saturday night, and they work Sunday to deliver a finished cinematic masterpiece short film (between 4 and 7 minutes in length) which must be delivered back to the event producers before the 7pm deadline on Sunday in order to qualify for the competition.

In short, it’s insane. But we’re doing it, for our 4th year in a row, and this time we are pulling out all stops in hopes of winning some of the coveted trophies.

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