Makin’ movies in the D

What the heck IS Rollin’ Detroit Films?

In some ways, we can’t make up our minds. People want to know, “What ONE thing is your specialty?” They want to know what makes us the Go-To peeps for a particular service or thing. That’s a fair question, But we kinda resist being “pigeonholed” by setting expectations. Maybe we don’t need to be the very best at any one thing. Can’t we simply strive to be very good at all aspects of cinematic storytelling?

You know what? If you’re looking to work with folks who are “only the best” at everything, maybe you better keep looking. We communicate with moving pictures in ways that entertain, educate, inform, and hopefully stimulate the intended audience. But most of all, we strive to have fun in the process.

Special agents Claire Booth and Trevor Ciabatta in
“The Boy Who Broke The Internet”