Behind the scenes of “The Boy Who Broke The Internet”

Where has the film gone?

Rollin’ Detroit Films began with a humble purpose. We formed in 2019 specifically to make a short movie to compete in the Detroit 48 Hour Film Challenge (we did, and “The Boy Who Broke The Internet” was born). But when that weekend was over, the rag-tag crew of passionate cinematic story tellers who had come together for that one wild weekend, were not ready to simply pack it up and head home. We had something more to do, and far more to say. So we’re keeping the flame alive, going forward with a mission to explore the evolving state of the arts, to bring to screens and eyes the best possible cinematic stories. Heck, maybe even get paid for it. Why not?

Our Mission

You know how community police departments have a mission like “To Protect and Serve”? We try to keep our goals in the form of simple verbs where possible. We make movies, and though “Films” is in the name, 99% of what we produce is in digital form and won’t even be copied to a transitional medium like magnetic tape. Even hard drives are disappearing in favor of persistent RAM storage, and even regular folks are storing everything out there somewhere in this mysterious thing we call “the Cloud”. As everything about the tools and technology changes, missions and goals tend to remain constant, as they should. We seek to entertain, to tell powerful stories, to learn, teach, and share knowledge and experience, and above all to have fun in the process.